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We’re so confident in our ability to drive results that we offer a promise:
Achieve a 4+ Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for Shopify Brands we collaborate with or our services come free of charge!


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Your business is more than just a project to us – it’s a precious venture we nurture.
We treat it like our own, ensuring you have the tranquillity of well-handled marketing.
What’s truly remarkable? You can experience our dedication Risk-Free


Witness the impact we've made through our services

Case Study 1

389% Increase year on year

$615,327,31 In sales through Facebook in 2022

Case Study 2

$159,422.89 with only $18,179.23 spent in Facebook ads 

ROAS of 8,77 for every dollar spent

Case Study 3

Amount Spent $3,120.87

Purchases: 268

Purchase conversion value:$25,232.46

ROAS: 809%

Case Study 4

Amount Spent: $8,381.15

Ad Revenue: $38,626.74

ROAS: 461%

We’re selective in the partnerships we forge, committed to exceeding
expectations and tailoring actionable marketing insights for your unique business journey.


  1. Are you focusing mainly on Facebook and Instagram for your marketing efforts? Are there any other places where you’re advertising? Maybe even TikTok?

    Our strong base is in Facebook and Instagram, which are powerful engines for growing your business. As your business gets bigger, we’ll also use TikTok, Google, and YouTube ads – it’s like expanding your presence to more places where your customers hang out.

  2. Do you exclusively handle ads?

    While our spotlight is on ads, we bring more to the table. We guide you beyond clicks, helping you navigate the journey your customers take and optimising how you use your resources. Even a tiny improvement in your website’s shopping success can double your ad-based revenue.

  3. Who’s the main person behind the ads?

    Our marketing and advertising specialist Tingting Zhang oversees all ad accounts. She works closely with our founder Robbert van Eck, to make sure the quality of the work we’re delivering to you is as high as we can provide.

  4. Who crafts the text that appears in the ads?

    The catchy lines you see in ads? We craft those! Our words will match your brand and attract the perfect crowd.

  5. When it comes to creativity, are you taking full charge? Or do you listen to what a brand wants and then create accordingly?

    We use your existing materials to quickly generate sales, all while staying true to your brand’s style. We’re your creative advisers too, letting you know what’s a hit and what’s not.

  6. Will I have access to all the numbers, data, and everything in the ad manager?

    Absolutely, the data belongs to you, and you have access to it anytime. We don’t hold onto any of it.

  7. How actively involved are you? Do you make daily changes to the ads?

    We are super hands-on. We check the progress every single day and make adjustments to make sure your ads are reaching the right people in the best way possible.

  8. How much money do you think I’ll need to start with for ads? And what’s the kind of return I can expect?

    On average we would start with 2-5k for the first month. Specific returns will depend on your numbers like profit margin, COGS etc. but provided you have a product/market fit, you’ll see a positive return within the first week. And from there, the journey gets only more exciting.

  9. How often do we get to chat with you?

    We’re not just about emails. Every week, we send you personalised videos with updates. We’ll walk you through the ad manager, showcase last week’s results, share store advice, and lay out the plan for the week ahead. And, if you need it, our team is available for Zoom meetings.

  10. Can we also be part of the advertising process? Can we see what’s happening and how things are going?

    Absolutely, in our conversations, we dive into all the details. We want you to know the ins and outs of what’s happening – the strategies, the best-performing creative, where the budget’s flowing, and more.

  11. How many years of experience do you have in this field?

    We’ve been in this industry for more than 5 years, and we’re no newcomers. Plus, we’re not just experts; we’re business owners ourselves. We understand what it’s like.

  12. Can you explain how your pricing works? How do most clients pay you?

    We offer a few options for how you pay us. You can share a portion of the ad earnings, pay a set amount, or a percentage of your ad spending. It all depends on your numbers and your goals.

  13. If I want to move forward with this, what comes next? What do we need to do step by step?

    Let’s kick things off with our onboarding process. It’s quick – less than an hour. Then we’ll chat, clear any last-minute doubts, and in less than 5 days, your ads will be live and kicking! Your journey with REVE Media begins now.
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