Google Advertising

What Makes Google Ads Effective?

With 1.2 trillion queries per year, 3.5 billion users daily, and 40,000 searches per second, Google Ads offer endless opportunities for businesses looking to increase their brand awareness and sales.

Your Google Ads will show above organic search results, making sure your target audience will see you before your competition. Google Ads will also make your business appear on Google Play, Google Maps, Google Images, and Google Shopping tab extending your reach exponentially.

Benefits Of Google Advertising

Fast Results

Google Ads bring fast results. Within minutes of your ad being approved, you can receive new traffic. With our expert carefully researching the right target keyword list for your business and agreeing on your budget for ad spend, the traffic could start to flow that same day

Make The Most Out Of Your Budget

You’re fully in control and you decide what you’re willing to spend. Based on that we will help you designate a daily budget. Google will calculate your spending over a month’s time and at the end of the month, your overall spend will be within your budget. Additionally, our experts will analyse the performance of your ads and make adjustments needed to maximise your Return On Investment – the key to any successful digital marketing campaign.

Outsmart Your Competitors

No matter what industry you’re in, your competition is always going to be out to steal your traffic and sales. With Google Ads, you can outdo them by changing your bid on the right keywords that our expert researched for you. Before you know, you will be redirecting your competitions’ traffic to your own website!

Target The Right Audience At The Right Time

We all know how this goes. Google shows the most relevant ads and websites for your search on the first page. You click on the first result that grabs your attention and start shopping. Google Ads appear at the top of the page, before organic search. That means you’re reaching your target audience at a time when they’re engaged and ready to act.

Google Ads With REVE

Going in blind into Google Ads is like flushing money down the drain. That’s where REVE comes in to help you grow.

We will establish an expected number of leads from the campaign and will always try to exceed it. We share realistic expectations and will always provide the most optimised and effective service for your budget. It’s of utmost importance to avoid clients overpaying or losing money with every click. We’re here to fix such issues on the spot and create a successful campaign together.

With 24 years of experience in Google Ads production, our expert will create a campaign for your business that will save you money and time, while increasing ROI at the same time.

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