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The in-depth marketing audit we provide is a comprehensive and systematic analysis of your marketing efforts. During this three-month in-depth process, we thoroughly examine the systems, marketing practices, and external factors affecting your organisation in order to identify your ideal customer profiles.


This evaluation will provide you practical advice on how to enhance your marketing procedures and boost your return on marketing expenditures.


We take the time to know and understand what you do and how you do it. We pinpoint the personas that make up your target market, their pain points, and how your company addresses them. Additionally, our thorough business environment examination will provide insight on competitors’ advantages and disadvantages.

Our Process

Every company is different. We tailor our audits to your firm because of this. Instead of wasting time on data that is completely unrelated to your future growth and trajectory, we will give you the data your business requires.

SEO audit

Finding ways to enhance your website’s search performance is the goal of our SEO audit. It entails identifying technical, on-page, off-page, and link-related problems for correction or improvement. We also offer competitor analysis audits to determine the best course of action for you to take in order to outperform your rivals. There is no standard method for SEO audits, thus they vary from business to business.

Evaluate the Best Campaign Approach for You

Our expert will take the information from meeting with you and plan a campaign for you.

Social Media Marketing audit

A social media marketing audit includes impressions, remarks, likes, shares, and more. Here we also analyse the data about which posts receive the most engagement and the demographics of that audience. Based on this data we will provide you with recommendations on how to make social media more effective for your business.

Website marketing review

The website marketing review includes in-depth analysis of data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and more. If you have other web reporting tools in place, we will use data from them as well. If you don’t have Google Analytics or Google Search Console set up for your website, we can help you put those in place, too. 

Paid media audit

The advertising and paid media section of your audit features in-depth reporting into the performance and configuration of your campaigns. We will examine the outcomes of your previous marketing initiatives to determine how to effectively optimise them for your company.

Paid media optimization

Based on the Paid Media Audit, we will make recommendations on how to better optimise your campaigns for the future. We audit the following platforms: Google ads, LinkedIn ads, Facebook ads, Tiktok ads, Twitter ads, Reddit ads, and more. 

Content Audit

A content audit is the process of cataloguing and analysing all of the content on a website, including its performance. We can help you optimise the benefits of your content marketing strategy by analysing its strengths, weaknesses, and available opportunities.

Email marketing audit

An email marketing audit measures the performance of your email campaigns to determine which ones are successful and which ones are not. We will help you find out the issues and optimise them for better future performance. The email marketing audit includes email automation tools and email content and design.

Email automation tool audit

During an email automation tool audit, your company’s email marketing tools are thoroughly evaluated. Here we will test your current audiences list, audience segmentation, email workflow currently built, triggers, email sequences, cadence emails, nurturing emails, current AB testing, email senders, email personalization and specification, email design, email content, how many conversion points it creates, and more! 

The Importance Of An In-Depth Marketing Audits

Conducting an In-Depth Marketing Audit will help you identify which of your currently used channels are achieving the best results, how to optimise them best and stop wasting your budget unnecessarily.


An In-Depth Marketing Audit will help your business understand how your performance compares to your major competitors. This way we can help you spot opportunities to diversify your marketing techniques and expand your target audience.


Don’t get stuck on old practices that can ultimately harm your business. Make sure to keep on modernising your practices, save your money and increase your ROI. Let’s make your digital marketing dreams come true.

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