Marketing Audit

What Makes A Marketing Audit Effective

Marketing Audit is a way to make sure your practices line up with your goals and key performance indicators. A successful audit should apply to all of the company’s marketing activities. It will examine your company’s strategies, goals, internal marketing systems, marketing activities, and marketing environment, in a consistent step-by-step process

Benefits of A Marketing Audit

Get a bird’s-eye view of your current marketing efforts

Make a step back to analyse the current state of your overall strategy. Get a pulse on how your current efforts and campaigns are trending, how you’re progressing compared to months or years past, and all the components that you’re currently using.

You can quickly pinpoint what’s working and what’s not

See what’s bringing you the most success and what needs to be retooled or let fall by the wayside. This way, you can better allocate your budget to invest more in the strategies that are working and revisit those that aren’t bringing you the ROI you want.

You can keep your program optimised through regular audits

Marketing audits aren’t a one-and-done project. Depending on your bandwidth, it’s a good idea to start conducting audits once a quarter or twice a year. This way, you have enough time to gather a significant amount of data at a frequency that’s manageable, even with a small team.

The Importance Of A Marketing Audit

Conducting a Marketing Audit will help you identify which of your currently used channels are achieving the best results. It will also provide you with a comprehensive company-wide insight into all marketing activities. It proves particularly helpful in reducing unnecessary spending.

Additionally a Marketing Audit will help your business understand how your performance compares to your major competitors. This way we can help you spot opportunities to diversify your marketing techniques or expand your target audience.


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